Full size how to get wider hips easily

How To Get Wider Hips

The hourglass figure is quite popular among women until today. People are swooning over celebrities and models with this type of body shape. While reducing your waist line is crucial to achieve the hourglass shape, you should also focus on increasing your hip size. Not all are gifted with wide hips, but this article has the best tips for you to achieve those gorgeous curves.

Perform exercises that target hips

Regular exercise is important to lose the unwanted flabs around your hips and waist. To increase your hip size, however, you have to incorporate workouts that specifically target your hip area. These movements include squats, donkey kicks, hip raises, side lunges, and side leg raises, among others. You can consult a physical trainer to help you come up with an exercise program that will help you get wider hips in no time.

Swing it

Swinging your hips as you walk will draw the attention to this body area. It will also allow you to exude that feminine vibe that draws male attention. Make sure to keep your back straight, and your shoulders pulled back and down. Stay relaxed as you swing it. Place a foot in front of the other while you walk, and allow the arms to naturally swing. You can put emphasize on your hip swing, but never overdo it or you will just look comical.

Practice better posture

Posture is everything. If you have a bad posture, then it is time to make the necessary adjustments. Stand straight with your shoulders pulled back and down. Your weight should be on one leg, and your hips should thrust out.

This position will create an S-shape, making you appear sexier. Place your hands on the hips with your thumbs facing forward and the fingers pointed back. You can also achieve this curve while you sit by simply crossing your legs or placing your weight on one hip.

Wear the right set of clothing

Your choice of dress can make or break your overall look. Wear sets of clothing that will emphasize your hips. You can achieve the illusion of a smaller waist by making it the focal point when you dress up. Use sashes or belts to hug your waist and make it appear smaller. The result will give you an hourglass figure.

Consider padding your hips

You can wear hip-enhancing undergarments to enhance your hip size. There are undergarments with removable pads at your local department store. You can keep the pads in place by wearing tights or pantyhose. Bear in mind, however, that your new figure may make it hard to fit into your jeans and shorts. A closet makeover might be necessary.

Give birth

Well, you probably don't want to give birth to a child just to get wider hips (!!!), however a woman’s hips do become wider after giving birth. This is one of the best things that can happen to a woman who has gotten through pregnancy (if they are looking for wider hips of course!). In some cases, the hips return to their pre-pregnancy size over time. Many mums, however, enjoy having permanently sexier curves. This is just one of the many natural ways of increasing your hip size.

Dance more

Dancing is both fun and fat-burning, but did you know that it can also help increase your hip size? There are certain dance forms that can encourage toning and weight loss at the same time. Dancing improves your heart health as it is an excellent cardio activity. Some dance moves actually tighten your muscles on the waist and hips, giving you a curvier appearance.

Squeeze, hold, relax

You can still exercise your hip area even when you are not in the gym. You can do this exercise anywhere you go. If you want wider hips, the butt-squeezing exercise is one of the most effective ways to do it.

This workout is simple: squeeze your butt as tight as you can, hold it in for a while, and then let lose. Keep repeating this butt exercise for a few more minutes, several times a day, and several days a week. This will help further strengthen your glutes and increase your hip size.

Climb stairs

Stair-climbing is one of the most effective ways to get wider hips. You can find stairs almost anywhere, including your home and work place. If stair-climbing is not an option, then you can simply step up and down on a stool.


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