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Anytime Fitness Reviews: Should You Join Anytime?

Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 gym that has been offering top-quality services across Australia for many years. Since 2008, the company has successfully expanded its services globally with more than two hundred outlets spread only across Australia. It is, in fact, the largest 24/7 gym in the country. This article will discuss the perks and costs of signing up with Anytime Fitness, as well as a review on its services.

Anytime Fitness Review

Anytime fitness reviews

There are plenty of reasons why anyone should check this gym chain.

Become Part of an Extraordinary Community

Anytime Fitness provides adequate support to help you achieve your goals and exceed yourself. This is why once you have signed up for a membership, you will become part of a community with over 500,000 members. You will be connected to the many Anytime Fitness staff and personal trainers, as well as thousands of members who share the same passion with you – fitness.

Is Anytime Fitness Safe?

All of its outlets are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can decide to workout anytime you wish without worrying about whether the gym is closed or open. Every outlet has a 24-hour security monitoring to keep you safe on-site, as well as a secure key access. Private changing rooms and bathrooms are also provided for added convenience.

Workout Anytime, Anywhere

You can find an Anytime Fitness gym outlet almost anywhere across Australia, and the world. Your membership will give you access to any of these outlets. This means you can get your daily dose of exercise anywhere you go.

Supportive Staff

People sign-up for a gym membership for various reasons. Whether you are there to become fit, tone up, or prepare for a triathlon, the gym has all the necessary training equipment that you need. Personal training sessions are also up for grabs. The staff will keep you motivated and focused to help you achieve your goals.

Anytime Fitness Membership Prices

A membership fee is required in order to gain access to all Anytime Fitness outlets. The fee, however, will vary from club to club. In order to become a member, you will have to invest between $60 and $70 a month with a one year contract. The costs vary because the gym is a franchise. Each club is owned by a different person or group who may implement slightly different payment schemes and rules.

You will be charged separately for the access key, which is around $59. There is also a need to pay for the joining fee of $49.95. These fees come on top of the membership fee.

Anytime Fitness has connections across the globe. This means you can freely use your membership at other outlets in other parts of the world. The membership would be extremely beneficial for members who love to travel. It should be noted, however, that the membership is only open to anyone who is at least 18 years old.

How To Cancel Your Anytime Fitness Membership

Anytime Fitness allows members to cancel their membership, provided that they have enough proof to show that they have suffered from a serious injury. Since the membership fee is paid in advance, cancelling your membership will not result in a refund. You can only have your membership cancelled if your injury prevents you from perform exercises and using the gym.

Anytime Fitness Locations

The gym franchise has more than two hundred outlets across Australia as of 2016. Today, you will find a gym outlet in each state within the country. This 24/7 gym facility offers high-quality fitness equipment and facilities to provide members the best experience. In addition, this gym provides personal training sessions to all members at an additional cost. There are no group classes available. Another thing to note would be the staffed hours. The staff works between 10AM and around 6 to 7PM, from Mondays to Fridays.

Anytime Fitness Membership Deals

The freebies and promotions vary from one club to another. It is up to the club franchisees whether they will allow you to try their facilities for free. Some come up with special offers once in a while. It is best to contact your nearest Anytime Fitness outlet to find out about their promotional offers and freebies. The most common offer would be the free passes for a week.

How To Join Anytime Fitness

Signing up is easy. You can either contact your local gym or visit the club’s website and provide all the details required. Make sure to read through the contract before joining to avoid inconvenience in the future. If there are some parts of the contract that need clarification, then immediately contact the nearest club to ask questions.

Anytime Fitness Franchises

Anytime Fitness is one of the most successful gym facilities today. With so many outlets across Australia and most parts of the world, it only means that the gym franchise is worth considering. There are more than 3,000 Anytime Fitness clubs in 26 countries. The company also claims that there is a new member every two minutes, which means that the return on investment can be promising. It also means that you can stay fit and strong, and generate profit at the same time.

Is Anytime Fitness Worth Joining?

Anytime Fitness is a high-quality gym facility that offers its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the perfect workout location for anyone with a tight schedule or who travels a lot. In Australia alone, you will find an outlet in each state. There are thousands of outlets more across the globe.

What’s great about its membership is that you can use it anywhere you go, even overseas, without hassle. Signing up is easy, too, just check the website or call your nearest outlet and pay the corresponding fees, and you are good to go. Most branches come up with exciting offers to potential and existing members, like a free seven-day pass. It is also a gym franchise that offers a great business opportunity. Overall, this brand has plenty of benefits to offer that make it worth checking.

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