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EFM Health Clubs Review: The Best Regular Gym Alternative?

We all want to become healthy and fit. A sound mind and body will greatly enhance our quality of life. Achieving this is not easy to do on your own however, which is why many people become part of a gym to learn from others and stay motivated. Improving your overall health and wellbeing is a strong reason to join a gym and there are many gyms to choose from.

EFM Health Club sets itself apart from other gyms for several reasons; mainly, in that they provide customized training programs for each member conducted by a fitness coach, all at a price similar to a typical gym membership. A fitness program from an expert such as a personal trainer can be too costly for most people but EFM Health Club has found a way to make fitness more affordable for everyone.

EFM Health Clubs Review

EFM Gym Review

EFM Health Clubs Locations

EFM Health Club began in 1991 under the name Executive Fitness Management. The success of the programs allowed them to grow into a franchise business which eventually spread to 65 locations over Australia, specifically in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. This health club prides itself on its personal training programs which are revised to meet each individual’s needs. This program is facilitated by a fitness coach who is similar to a personal trainer. However, the program will only cost you the usual rate of a gym membership. Another thing that’s unique to EFM Health Club is that they’ve positioned themselves for their member’s convenience by operating some of their branches from inside schools (for students, staff and parents, along with the local community) and hospitals (for staff and patients).

EFM Health Clubs Fitness Programs

The services offered by EFM Health Club focuses on exercise routines that vary from day to day depending on your needs and goals. This ensures that you won’t get bored with repetitive drills. Your trainer will help you get started on the equipment, advice you on your technique and motivate you constantly. They call it Personalised Training.

This health club also has an edge over other gyms since their programs offer more versatility and membership options.  You can choose to sign up on a per month basis as opposed to long contracts.  You may also work out at whatever time suits you without having to depend on a class schedule.

If you’re more comfortable working out in a group, a variety of group classes are also available.  To better support the fitness goals of its members, the club also provides a special Nutrition program.

To give you an idea of what to expect, new members are first assessed to determine their current fitness level. Their fitness trainer or coach will then walk them through their first workout and the proper use of the exercise machine they’ll need. Their first workout routines will generally begin with low to moderate impact exercises and as they progress and develop endurance, their workout programs will transition to more intense and more challenging drills.

What you’ll like

The equipment used in this club are similar to what you find in most gyms. They make sure that the equipment used are of superior quality, easy to learn, exceptionally sturdy and vary between low impact and more challenging machines. Examples of these machines are rowers, steppers, cross trainers and exercise bikes.

Each gym is styled more as a studio and accommodates only a few hundred members unlike a large commercial gym which can have as many members as possible using all their facilities. Since members for each studio are limited, there is no lack of equipment.

The community for each studio also tends to be close-knit since the group is small. The regular guidance of the trainers including how they follow up with members is invaluable and shows their commitment to helping their members succeed. The staff are not only knowledgeable, they are also approachable and willing to help. This encourages an atmosphere of cooperation and support between staff and members and among members themselves.  Members interact and motivate each other as well. Experience has shown that members usually stay longer in gyms where they find friends and fitness partners.     

The club’s many locations including inside hospitals and schools are also very convenient for most members so they don’t easily get discouraged, ensuring that they stay motivated to keep fit longer.

EFM Health Clubs Membership Prices

Prices vary slightly depending on individual circumstances, but a typical member can access EFM Personalised Training for around $7 to $15 per session which is fnatastic value!


EFM Health Club has gained quite a following over the years and their personalized fitness training programs are one of the most effective at accomplishing long-term results.  If you’re looking for a gym where you get the assistance that you need at every workout session you do, this club is the one for you. All members get direction and supervision from experienced trainers. Workout routines are changed up constantly to prevent boredom and plateauing. Many different programs are also offered to support and complement the fitness lifestyle. Best of all, these benefits come at reasonable prices with flexible payment options and you can use the facilities and services as many times as you want. 

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