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F45 Fitness Review: Fitness Fad Or Great Fitness Option?

For regular gym goers, the scenario is familiar.  When starting their fitness journey and working out, they immediately see outstanding results.  Thus, they are encouraged and continue working out week after week.  After some time, however, they start to notice a decline in their results and they’re no longer losing as much weight despite continuing the program.  Their fitness has reached a plateau and this can be demotivating.  To solve this problem, you need to change up your routine or switch to a different program.

F45 fitness, the innovative fitness method taking the world by storm, has overcome this hurdle by developing a unique program.  This new fitness model provides optimal results and continues to do so no matter how long you’ve been following the program.

F45 Fitness Review

F45 Review

Functional 45 Fitness was founded by Rob Deutsch in 2012 in response to the growing demand for more high intensity training.  This program developed by trainer Luke Istomin focuses on 45 minute workouts with classes conducted in groups and concentrating on either cardiovascular or strength training. 

Their workout programs offer multiple exercises and drills which vary from day to day.  Another unique element of this program is that it utilizes technology to track the progress and results of its members realtime while the workout session is ongoing. 

F45 Fitness Locations

There are F45 locations in all states, with the exception of Northern Territory, so you have literallya choice of hundreds of Australian locations. This new fitness model has been proven highly effective, so much so that it has been used and promoted by many celebrities.  The success of the company led to its remarkable growth and the spread of its franchise businesses.  Their studios now total about 500 worldwide.   

F45 Fitness Workout Programs

In a typical workout session, you will be assigned to a workout station.  Each station is focused on either cardiovascular conditioning or strength training and has a screen showing a demonstration of exercise drills you need to follow for 45 minutes.  While working out, you will be required to wear a heart rate monitor which will record your vital signs to analyse your progress.  You can also keep track of your progress as your and everyone else’s output is shown on a large screen.     

For every session, the workout will change so that you won’t be following the same routine every time.   Another advantage of these workouts is that the sessions are timed so you can perform the exercises at your own speed, whether you want to go more slowly, or as the case is for many, more vigorously.  This is unlike regular gyms where you wait for your turn to use the equipment you like since in F45, the use of the equipment by each individual has already been planned and coordinated. 

In addition to that, you’re also treated to background music from DJ mixes and inspirational voice overs to energize and motivate you to keep going.  Expert trainers are also always on hand during the workout sessions to guide, advise and encourage members.    

F45 Fitness Classes

The programs consist of a variety of drills that combine the use of some of the traditional and freestyle gym equipment such as weights, kettlebells, stationary bikes, rowers, BOSU balls, jump rope and sandbags to name a few.  Elliptical machines and treadmills are not used, however.     

F45 offers 16 exceptional programs that do not just deliver results; they are also quite fun to do.  Developed by experts and tested beforehand to ensure maximum results and safety, you can trust that these programs really are the best. 

There’s the 3-Peat program which is based on obstacle challenges.  The Pipeline workout builds your core strength and improves your stability.  The Quarterbacks program is a combination of strength, dexterity and cardiovascular training.  They also have their version of bodyweight training called Gravity.  In 22 Paired Cardio, you work out with a partner in fast-paced exercises guaranteed to burn 1,000 calories.  The Firestorm workout is done with 22 team mates to accomplish a cardiovascular high intensity interval course.  Trailblazers involves running for optimum cardiovascular benefits.

The Templars is another unique cardio workout that you do together with a partner.  The Wingman program is resistance training for partners with the purpose of burning 800 calories.  Another program is called the Docklands, a more challenging, strength building program.  The Brooklyn program is also done in teams using a blend of cardio, resistance training, boxing and striking techniques.  While the Panthers centres on resistance training, Romans resistance is for toning your physique and increasing your strength.  The Flamingo Athletica concentrates on cardiovascular training and the Hollywood program utilizes cardio training in combination with weights.  The Angry Bird program makes use of resistance training as well.

F45 Fitness Membership Prices

Every studio offers different weekly or monthly rates depending on their programs.  Free trial sessions are available but in general, their membership plans cost just a little more than a regular gym membership.  Considering the effectiveness and distinctiveness of their programs though, many members find the prices reasonable and have become avid fans of the gym.

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