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Fitness First Gym Review: Prices, Locations & Classes Offered

Whether you’ve been exercising for a while now or you’re a newcomer to a more active lifestyle, the gym you choose plays an important part in your motivation to continue working out.  The effectiveness of the programs, the attitude of the staff, the sturdiness of the equipment and the cleanliness and condition of the facility all contribute to an enjoyable experience.  What if you could choose a gym that’s been around for years and one that knows what they’re doing?

Fitness First is a household name among gyms and it’s one of the pioneers in the fitness industry.  It saw a decline in quality and membership in the past years but it’s now making an impressive return and winning back their customers.  

fitness first reviews

Fitness First Review

Fitness First Locations

Fitness First was established in 1993 in England.  Their goal is to provide a wide variety of classes, qualified and helpful personnel and trainers, top-of-the-line equipment, and first-rate facilities in an atmosphere that encourages people to get fit and stay fit.     

The gym became quite a success and grew in leaps and bounds.  From England, they branched out internationally and can now be found in 16 countries all over the world.  In Australia alone, they have 65 clubs frequented by more than 200,000 members.

Fitness First Classes

Several group fitness classes are offered in this gym.  Different locations may offer more classes than others but the most recommended and attended classes are their Athletic, Body Attack, Body Balance, Bodypump, Boxing, Cycling, and Yoga.  These classes cover a variety of exercises and drills, suit different fitness levels and target specific muscle groups.  

Athletic classes aim to use all sorts of freestyle equipment to increase your strength and improve your fitness.  High energy interval training is the focus of Bodyattack, Fitness First’s version of high intensity interval training, and it’s best for cardiovascular conditioning, speed, power and overall fitness.  For a program that integrates mental wellbeing with physical mobility and flexibility, try the Bodybalance class which combines the exercises and benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga.  With their Bodypump classes, you can also learn weight and strength training to build muscle and tone your physique.  You can also try the Boxing class if you wish to refine your striking technique, boost your strength and improve your dexterity while getting a cardiovascular workout at the same time.  Beginners might also be interested in the Cxworx class which delivers short, low cardio and low impact exercises for core strength.  The indoor cycling class, called RPM, is useful as well for cardiovascular fitness.       

Fitness First Equipment

You also have the option to just use the equipment for days when you want to go it alone.  All sorts of equipment that can be found in most gyms are also in Fitness First.  There are stationary bikes and cardio equipment.  They also have free weights and loaded weights.  

Fitness First Facilities

Again, different locations may have different facilities.  Most, if not all, locations have access for disabled persons.  Some gyms also offer a play area for children and others offer massage services, sauna and steam rooms as well.  In selected gyms, the whole family can also join thanks to the fitness classes for kids and dance classes. 

Fitness First Membership Prices

In the past, the membership programs only presented a few options but since the company’s revamp and new management, more flexible plans and more choices are now being offered.  The clubs are classified into Platinum and Passport clubs and you may select a program that offers access to either or both.  You also get to choose a membership type based on your preference.  You can choose from 18, 12 and 3 month contracts.  For those who are hesitant to commit until they’ve tried out and liked a gym, short-term membership types or prepaid options are also available.  You may opt for 50, 25, 10 and 5 sessions.  This means the fitness lifestyle is now more affordable and available for more people.

Fitness First Services

If you need help with your diet and workout plan, you can find personal trainers in the gym who are willing to advice and guide you.  Some gyms offer the services of a nutritionist as well.  You’ll also undergo assessments to gauge your fitness level, your health concerns and personal preferences and determine the best programs for you.  In addition to that, each club has qualified first aiders to attend to any health emergencies of all members and staff.  

Should You Join Fitness First?

The re-branding of Fitness First made way for them to improve their services and reach out to more customers.  They have upgraded their equipment to ensure the safety of all who use it and for maximum performance.  Repairs have been made to make certain their amenities are functioning well, and their employees have been re-trained on the new customer service-oriented mindset of the company.  Many former members will also notice that the opening hours of the gyms are now longer to suit the schedules of more people.   

Fitness First has stood the test of time, survived and innovated to meet the changing demands of society.  This proves why they’re still one of the market leaders among fitness service providers.


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