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Goodlife Gyms Review: Prices, Locations & Classes Guide

Goodlife Gym Review

Whether you want to just shed a few pounds or make an abrupt change to a fitter lifestyle, the basic formula is proper nutrition and physical activity.  This kind of change does not happen overnight, but with the right knowledge and support, you can achieve your goals. One of the most effective and long term support you can get is by joining a gym or health club.  However, if you want to continue working out and enjoy your experience, you need to choose the right gym.  Among the best and most popular gyms are the Goodlife Health Clubs. These gyms are well-recommended because of their clean premises, top-notch equipment, results-oriented programs and helpful staff.

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Goodlife Gym Locations

A leading name among gyms in Australia, Goodlife Health Club was founded in 2002.  It’s owned and managed by the Ardent Leisure Group.  The gym became a huge success and eventually opened 76 branches all over Australia to serve its more than 200,000 members.

Aside from their fitness programs and well-equipped facilities, this gym also offers several membership options at reasonable rates to suit any lifestyle and budget.  At Goodlife gyms, anyone will find it easy and convenient to start working out and improve their health.  

Services and Programs

This premier fitness facility provides a variety of programs to choose from.  Wherever your interest and ability lies, you will surely find something that appeals to you.  For beginners and those who want maximum results, there’s Boot Camp.  You can also check the schedule for group fitness classes for those who have more fun in groups. With the kids fitness classes, you can also give your child an early start to a healthier lifestyle.    

Enhance your mobility and flexibility through the yoga and pilates classes.  Dance your heart out and have fun with your friends in zumba class.  At the end of the day, use the sauna or enjoy a massage to help relieve the aches and pains from all your exertions.  In addition to that, parents will appreciate the child care services also offered.     

Personal trainers are on hand as well to give you advice and to guide new learners.  If you simply want to use the equipment, you also have that option.  The facilities are complete with cardiovascular training machines like treadmills, indoor bikes, cross trainers and rowers.  There are strength training equipment for presses, curls, extensions and more.  There’s even a swimming pool; and if you’re into bodybuilding, you can work on the weights such as dumb bells and barbells.  

Goodlife Gym Membership Prices

Goodlife health club’s members have many reasons to love and patronize their gym.  First of all, any fitness beginner who wishes to try out the facilities of a gym first before fully committing, will be glad to know that all locations offer free trials with the exact number of sessions varying depending on the branch.  

Being part of this gym’s community also lets you meet people who have the same passion you do.  With the great number of members from different backgrounds, students, parents, athletes, or professionals you can find friends who will support your endeavours and celebrate your achievements with you.

One of this gym’s greatest benefits is their 24 hour access.  Unlike other gyms that are only open at certain times of the day and week, Goodlife health club has responded to the needs of its members by providing access at all hours to the gym so that you can work out at your most convenient schedule, any time of the day or night.

If you need help, the personal trainers are experts and can build a workout and nutrition plan for you while considering your fitness level and any health conditions you have.  This is especially important for beginners who might injure themselves without proper direction.  A change of plan and routine can also be provided by trainers to those who have been exercising for a while and reach a plateau in their workouts.    

Their child minding service is another excellent benefit for members.  You can take safely leave your child while you work out and take care of your health.  The flexible membership programs also make everything more affordable and give you more options based on what you need.  As you can see, there’s something for everybody in this gym and you won’t be left with any excuses not to get fit.  


With all the programs and services being offered, it’s easy to see why this gym is one of the most preferred in the country.  Their equipment is of superior quality and a wide range is available to suit all fitness levels and different needs, from beginners to the more experienced and from cardiovascular conditioning to strength and weight training.  As for the areas, they are kept clean, sanitized and well-maintained.  Their programs are effective as well and the personal trainers are skilled and highly qualified.  Since they have multiple locations in many cities, you can easily look for the Goodlife Health Club nearest you.  

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