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How To Lose Butt Fat: 10 Best Butt Toning Exercises

Social media can make or break your determination to achieve your fitness goals. There are plenty of people out there who want to have a firmer butt, but many are easily discouraged because of the numerous fit photos spreading across social media. Some people feel that others only need a while to get a firmer butt, while it takes them forever to achieve it.

The truth is that everybody is different. The time and effort required to become fit and healthy vary from person to person. Regardless of how fast or slow a person’s progress is, you have to understand that having a firmer butt naturally will never happen overnight.

You need to make a slow and steady change to your lifestyle, and be more active. Even if you have a tight schedule, there are still effective ways to tighten your butt muscles. This article will give you a list of the 10 best exercises for a firmer butt.

Sumo Squats

This exercise will require you to go lower and wider into your squats. It is highly-effective in toning your butt and leg muscles, especially your inner thighs. To do this, you have to stand with your feet apart, wider than your hips. You will notice that your toes turn outward a bit, especially when you are holding a weight in front of your chest.

Slowly squat to the best you can. The lower, the better. Make sure to plant your heels on the floor, and keep your back straight.

Side-lying Inner Thigh Lift

Tone your inner thighs with this quick routine. Lie on your side, and allow your head to rest on your arm. Bend the top leg and cross it over in front of the bottom leg. Perform the movement by lifting your bottom leg about six inches off the ground. Do this several times on each leg.

Bridge with Leg Lifts

This one does not only work your leg and core muscles, but can also alleviate lower back pain. Begin the workout by lying on your back. You may use a mat to keep your tailbone well-cushioned, avoiding any discomfort afterwards. Bend both knees, and slowly lift your hips up, but make sure to keep your back straight during the movement. Extend one leg, and hold it there for as long as you can. Repeat the action using the other leg.


The squat is a popular routine for people who want a firmer butt, and leg muscles. Stand with your feet hip-wide apart. Push your hips backwards, and bring your weight to your heels. Make sure to bring your chest out, so your buttocks are pushing out. Slowly bring your body up to a standing position, and repeat the action.


The bridge is good for the butt, hips, and leg muscles. Begin the movement by lying down on your back, with your knees bent and make sure that your feet are planted on the ground. Lift your hips up, and squeeze your butt. Make sure to keep your back straight.

Straight arm, single-leg plank

Do the push-up position, making sure that your back forms a straight line up to your legs and feet. Lift one leg, and hold it for five seconds. Make sure to keep your back parallel to the ground. Avoid wobbling or twisting. Lower your leg, and repeat the action with the other leg. Do 10 to 15 on each side.

Plie Squats

The plie squat is a ballet exercise that works your entire core, and legs. Perform the movement like you are doing a regular squat. Hold a weight in front of your thighs, and keep your abs and torso straight and tight. Bend your knees and lower your body until you form a right angle (90 degrees). Place your weight on the heels. Slowly go back up, and repeat.

Side Lunges

This movement requires a single dumbbell. Stand with your feet and knees together, and then take a side-step and lunge. Go back to the starting position, and repeat using your other leg. Make sure to keep your back straight, to keep your front knee from bending further to the front.

Step Ups

This routine is more effective when you use the dumbbells. Stand in front of a bench, and hold a dumbbell on each hand. Step on the bench with one foot, and allow the other leg to extend as you move up. Slowly step down with your hanging leg, and go back to the starting position. Repeat.


This movement can be a bit complicated for beginners. It requires you to keep your balance, while performing the movement. Stand with your hands on the waist, and feet together. Lunge forward with one leg, and jump as you switch legs. Make sure that your other leg lands in a forward lunge. Do the alternating movements for about a minute.

These exercises can be done regularly. Your routine will be more effective if you do it at least three times a week. Post your workout progress to entice other people to start being active.


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