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Jetts Gym Review: Should You Join Jetts Fitness?

Jetts Fitness Review

Time is precious when it comes to working out. Not everyone has the time to exercise because of various reasons, including work and family obligations. What if there is a gym in your area that is open 24/7? This is why Jetts Gym has become a hit. This facility was designed for busy people who would like to become fit and healthy. With more than 200 locations across the globe, working out will now become more convenient.

Most gyms tend to lock its members into a long contract. Jetts understands the sudden life changes, and the need for flexible workout routines. This is why this gym offers a Freedom Direct Debit membership that allows you to exercise without any lock-in contracts. It means you can stay with the gym because you want to, and not just because you are stuck. Jetts Gym aims to inspire its members to stay fit and healthy according to their terms.

Jetts Gym Reviews

Jetts Gym Locations

Jetts is a popular 24/7 gym across Australia. This gym franchise began in 2007, and has since increased in popularity. With over 270 locations across the country, as well as in New Zealand, this brand definitely has a lot to offer.

The biggest factor why Jetts was able to expand its services across Australia in eight years is because of its 24/7 availability. It was the first gym to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This review will discuss the benefits of becoming a Jetts member, as well as the membership costs and options, locations, equipment, staffed hours, and more. Read on.

Jetts Gym Membership Prices

The membership options for Australian members are straight-forward. You are given the chance to pay either fortnightly or yearly. You can sign-up with a friend for only $12.95 per week through the Freedom Direct Debit. You can also join as an individual member for $14.95 a week, also through the Freedom Direct Debit, which will be billed fortnightly. These options are flexible and low cost, without any lock-in contract, so you can freely stop at any point in your stay.

Another way to pay for your membership is to do it annually for $549 per year. If you pay fortnightly, that is only around $2 per day. The daily gym cost will become less when you pay yearly for only around $1.5. Velocity members can get a special yearly membership rate, while earning velocity points.

There is also an access pass fee and joining fee on top of your membership fees. The joining fee will cost you $89, while the access pass fee is only $59. These fees will cover the cost of encoding your data into their system, as well as providing you with the access card.

What makes Jetts Gym more convenient is its easy cancellation policy. If, for some reason, you want to cancel your membership, all you have to do is:

  • Visit your local Jetts Gym during staffed hours;
  • Request for a cancellation form;
  • And submit the duly-accomplished form;

Once your membership cancellation has been processed, you will no longer become a member and will never be charged in the succeeding months. You have to note, however, that rejoining will require you to pay for the joining fee again. Should you feel that your schedule has become tight and you will not be able to visit the gym for quite a while, you can consider pausing your membership. You are free to resume your membership any time without any extra fees. 

Is Jetts Fitness a 24 Hour Gym?

Most Jetts are adequately staffed during peak hours. The staffed hours vary from gym t gym. Some locations are staffed in the morning, and then in the evening. The gym aims to be staffed during the busiest hours of the day to accommodate all members. Once you have become a Jetts member, you will eventually become used to working during unstaffed hours, unless you have availed personal training.

Are Jetts Gyms Safe?

All Jetts Gyms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might wonder whether the place is safe during off-peak hours. The truth is that, even on unstaffed hours, each Jetts Gym is placed under supervision by a staff. There are also several security cameras throughout the facility, meaning you will always be under the watchful eye of their staff. You can workout at your preferred time and day without worrying about your safety.

Jetts Fitness Equipment

Jetts has the basic equipment that you need to stay fit and strong. All locations have treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers, and rowing machines for your cardio fix. They also have isolation machines for leg curls, leg extensions, preacher curls, chest and shoulder press, lat pull down, ab crunch, and more.

If you want to pump some iron, they do have dumbbells of varying weight, EZ and regular barbells, leg press, and a Smith Machine. All locations have a squat rack or two, as well. The clubs basically have everything that you will need, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The workout machines and weights are all maintained in great condition.

Jetts Personal Training

All new members will get a free personal training session. You are not required to use it, but beginners are highly encouraged to grab the opportunity to become familiar with the gym equipment. The gym also offers free group exercise classes for those who want to add more fun to their workouts. Group classes are perfect for people who want some motivation to push harder to reach their fitness goals. Personal trainers at Jetts are highly-qualified to provide assistance to each member.

Should You Join Jetts Fitness?

Jetts is a great gym franchise. The membership options are affordable and reasonable. The company also has a great selection of exercise equipment that cater to various fitness levels and needs. They also have a friendly team of personal trainers and staff who will do their best to ensure that you are having a great time. Overall, Jetts is an awesome gym that can be found in nearly every corner of Australia.

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