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Next Generation Gym North Adelaide Review: Is It Worth It?

Next Generation Gym Review

Next Generation Gym Review

If there’s one gym that has consistently pleased its customers, it’s Next Generation.  Also called the Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs, this fitness centre has not made much noise but it has been around for some time.  It may not be as well-known as other gyms but it has preserved its excellent reputation among its members.  The gym has done such a great job with serving its customers and maintaining its facilities that its members have been patronizing it for years.  From group exercise classes to personal training to gym equipment and recreational services, this gym has everything you need to have an enjoyable experience while staying healthy and fit.     

Next Generation North Adelaide Group Fitness Classes  

The fitness classes here are designed for optimal results and fun.  There are many group exercises available to meet different needs and interests.  Ideal for both beginners and those with more experience is the Combo exercise which combines cardio, weights and ball workouts.  For those needing low intensity exercises, Cxworks by Les Mills provides low impact resistance training.  Another low impact workout is Sculpt where hand weights are used to tone the physique. 

Other classes available are the Abs workout for toning and strengthening your core, the Barre exercises, a unique blend of dance and yoga and Skip, which as you might have guessed are jump rope exercises used for cardiovascular conditioning.  Bodycombat and Bodypump as popularized by Les Mills make use of martial arts techniques and weights for strength training, respectively.  They also have Step classes using the step exercise platform as well as classes that use the Stability ball.  Boxing workouts are centred on sparring with a partner and using boxing movements. 

If dancing is more your thing, you can burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness with Zumba.  Cycling enthusiasts will also love the Cycle classes and RPM by Les Mills which offer drills using stationary bikes.  For stress relief, mental wellbeing and improved flexibility, you can join classes in yoga, tai chi, pilates and Les Mills Bodybalance which combines all three disciplines.

Other well-recommended classes are aquatics workouts like Aqua Fit which uses bodyweight for cardiovascular conditioning, Aqua XTrain for resistance training with cardiovascular benefits and Aqua Strong, high impact resistance training. 

North Adelaide Personal Training

If you wish to have a diet and workout plan that maximizes your results or if you have health conditions that need to be considered in your workout regimen, you will need to consult a personal trainer.  Next Gen’s personal trainers have been through training and certification to qualify as fitness experts. 

Fitness Facilities and Equipment

Next Gen has several facilities and they are all kept clean and sanitized and diligently maintained to ensure they’re functioning well.  For an energizing swim or a fun activity with the family, the gym has both indoor and outdoor pools.  The 25m pools are conveniently heated all the time and there’s a separate smaller pool for children to enjoy. 

Four courts covered with synthetic grass are available for those who wish to play tennis as well as four special glass courts designed for squash.  Various activities are offered including coaching from experts for those who wish to improve their technique.    

As for gym equipment, there are many to choose from if you wish to train or work out on your own.  Al of these equipment are top quality and fully functional located in areas allocated for training, free weights and even a ladies area.  For cardiovascular training, they have state-of-the-art stationary bikes, cross trainers, elliptical machines, rowers, treadmills and steppers.  Resistance training machines are also available and weight training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and plates.  For stretching and mobility, medicine balls and kettlebells are just some of the equipment offered.          

Recreation Facilities

At the end of your workout, you can relax in comfort at the Next Gen Café and have healthy and tasty meals and drinks.  There’s also an ultra-comfortable Members Lounge where you can read, watch TV or use the free WiFi.  The business area can be used by members who need to catch up on work and the play area is for keeping children entertained.  Some locations additionally offer meeting rooms which you can utilize for small functions and events.  You can also enjoy the ambiance by the poolside at the terrace with your family or gym buddies.  One of the best ways to unwind after a tough workout is by relaxing at the spa and steam room, which not only reduces the tension in your muscles but also cleanses your skin to improve its texture.  

Family Services

It’s no problem to take your whole family with you to your Next Gen gym.  Aside from the play areas and child-minding services for younger children, you can also sign them up for some of the children’s fitness programmes.  The Learn to Swim classes are a great way for kids to learn this life-saving skill.  For a more active sport, let them have tennis lessons conducted by the gym’s professional coaches.  If you need help arranging for a children’s party, several Next Gen gyms also have theme-based party packages with food provided by the café. 


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