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Personal Training In Adelaide

The word “fitness” receives various reactions whenever it is mentioned to different people. Some feel excited upon hearing it, while others become defensive or terrified. Fitness is a challenging goal. It requires discipline, determination, consistency, and commitment. Some succeed without hiring a personal trainer, but many fail because the motivation dies in the process.

A personal trainer helps you achieve your goals by providing a customised program that suits your lifestyle and targets. If the image of a trainer yelling at you to do things until you collapse scare you, then you must know that this is not always the case. People who just want to become fit and healthy will follow a program that fits them. Oftentimes, the benefits and results are well worth it. Read on.

Why Hire An Adelaide Personal Trainer?

Customised Workout Program

Adelaide personal trainers form a personalised workout plan that matches your fitness level and goals. This program allows you to gain the best results than a general training plan. Trainers will base the program also on your current condition and medical background, if applicable. They will be able to adjust to your needs when necessary, too.

Guided Workouts

Beginners are highly recommended to hire a personal trainer in Adelaide to help guide them in every movement. This will help them avoid injuries. The trainer will demonstrate the movement, and then watch you perform it afterwards for assessment. They will check your technique and posture to see whether there is a need for correction or adjustment. Once you have become familiar with the movements, you can eventually perform these exercies on your own, especially on days that you are not in the gym.


The lack of commitment is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve their fitness goals. It is easy to skip a workout session when you do it on your own. There is nobody to hold you accountable for your decisions. When you hire a personal trainer, this person will keep you accountable and keep you determined to stick to your training program.

Goal Setting

A trainer will help you define your goals. This person will consider your current fitness level, and discuss your goals through the exercises. While you may already have some idea about your goals, a professional can help you break them down into smaller targets. The trainer will also help assess your progress to keep you on track.


A trainer can help you maximise your training time, helping you become efficiency during each session. This will be beneficial, especially when you have limited time for exercise. If you need to cut your one hour session due to an emergency meeting, then your trainer can come up with a routine that will allow you to burn the same number of calories in a shorter time.


Motivation is extremely difficult to maintain when you workout on your own. Completing workout sessions with a personal trainer can keep you focused and determined. You will even become more motivated whenever you see your progress.


A professional will make you perform various exercises to help you achieve your goals. This variety will also keep you from becoming bored. The trainer can always change certain exercises to ones that will best fit you, and still provide the same – or better – benefits. The sets of exercises that you do will change based on your fitness level to allow for continued progress.

Best Personal Trainers in Adelaide

Personal Training Adelaide

There are plenty of personal trainers in Adelaide that you can check, such as:

The Gym Glenelg

The Gym Glenelg is in L1, Bayside Village Shopping Centre, Corner of Brighton and Jetty Road. This gym provides its members access to more than 40 group fitness classes, Yoga, Les Mills, Pilates, and more. Members will also get to try the gym’s massive weights and cardio options.

Your workout will be more productive when you hire their personal training service. You should also take advantage of the massage services to complete your gym visit. Best of all, the gym is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. It is never closed. For only around $16.95 per week, you will get to experience all of these services.

Blackwood Fitness (24 Hours)

Blackwood Fitness is a 24-hour gym facility in 210 Main Rd., Blackwood, Adelaide, South Australia. For their training sessions, members can expect a consultation-style set up where their goals, fitness, health, exercises, and limitations will be discussed. The second session will involve a 30-minute personal training session, where you will get to see which workouts work for you. The Personal Training PT Pack (One 30-minute evaluation and one 30-minute training with PT) costs $19.95, while working out with a friend can cost you $29.95 and the Booster Pack that includes a body composition analysis is priced at $35.

EFM Health Clubs

EFM Health Clubs have several branches in Adelaide. In the city, they have branches in Angas St, King William St, North Terrace (RAH), and Wakefield St. You can also find EFM Health Clubs in North Adelaide and Port Adelaide. Their personalised training program will only cost you $30 for 30 days.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is perfect for anybody with a really tight schedule. It is open 24 hours, and has branches in most parts of the world. It offers personal training services that can help you achieve your goals and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. The gym also has several workout classes to add some variety to your gym sessions. Below are their branches in Adelaide:

Adelaide (James Place)

27 James Place

Adelaide, South Australia, 5000



251a Morphett St

Adelaide, South Australia, 5000



14 Arthur Street

Unley, South Australia, 5061


Mile End

164 Henley Beach Road (Opposite Foodland)

Mile End, South Australia, 5031



Crn Walkerville Tce and Smith Street (117 Walkerville Tce)

Walkerville, South Australia, 5081



253 Magill Road

Maylands, South Australia, 5069


Black Forest

Shop 2-3, 715-727 South Road

Black Forest, South Australia, 5035

Point A          

Point A is a fitness centre in 20 Gunson St., Adelaide, SA 5000. This gym facility is in the Adelaide CBD, and is offering personal training services for people who want to achieve their fitness goals. It also teaches Parkour, Circus, Freerunning, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Kung-Fu.

Izzi Batt-Doyle Personal Training

Izzi Batt-Doyle is a personal trainer in Glen Osmond who offers outdoor personal training with one-on-one, two-on-one, or group classes. You can also request for a home training session or have the training take place in your preferred location. The first session is complimentary, which will take 60 minutes.

The rates will vary according to the length of training time, where a 60-minute one-on-one session will cost you $55 and $40 for 30 minutes. You can also hire her to train you and your friend for only $30 for 60 minutes, $20 for 45 minutes, and $15 for 30 minutes.

Infinity Pilates and Personal Training

Infinity Pilates and Personal Training is in 155 Brebner Drive in West Lakes. This place is comprised of highly-qualified Pilates instructors, and personal trainers. The exercises are approached from a holistic point of view. The sessions are designed to help you become fitter, stronger, and better. They are also qualified to treat injuries, work with pre- and post-natal customers, children, and older adults.


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