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Physiotherapists Adelaide: Find The Best Adelaide Physio Providers Near You

For those debilitated by injuries and troubled by neuromuscular health problems, it takes more than just time to heal their body.  They need assistance in order to bring their bodily functions back to normal.  Physiotherapy aims to support patients in helping their bodies recover from ailments, injury and any harm they encountered through a combination of exercise, massage, alternative non-invasive treatments and recommended lifestyle changes.  With treatment from a physiotherapist, patients are able to return to their daily activities and work with renewed energy and less pain.

Here’s a guide to the benefits of seeking a physiotherapist in Adelaide and a list of some of the best Adelaide physio providers in the Adeialdie metropolitan area:

Benefits of Adelaide Physio Treatment

1.  Eases pain in the neck and back

Any pain experienced in the neck and shoulders down to the back can be assessed by physiotherapists.  The spinal column is especially important as many other pains in the body originate from here particularly as a person ages.  The physiotherapist will study the patient’s health history to determine any contributing factors and then recommend solutions to treat the spine.

2.  Treats any aches from the shoulders to the hands

Swelling and inflammation in the shoulders, arms and hands can be attended to by physiotherapy.  The physiotherapist will examine the range of movement a patient can do and identify causes of pain.  He will also educate the patient on exercises to do to help lessen the pain and which activities to avoid.

3.  Relieves discomfort and pain in the upper and lower legs

Conditions like arthritis can affect the joints and extremities of the body such as the arms and legs.  With physiotherapy, patients will be given a range of treatments to manage arthritic pain and learn the best ways to reduce any existing pain or prevent triggers when they’re at home.

4.  Facilitates recovery from injuries related to sports

Athletes and sports professionals are naturally prone to injuries.  Physiotherapy can be used to treat the body of any trauma it suffered and decrease the risk of long-term damage.  With regular physiotherapy and care, patients can regain their strength more quickly, return to their game sooner and be brought back to their peak performance.

5.  Aids in recuperating from surgery, operations and other health problems

Patients who’ve undergone a surgical procedure will find physiotherapy beneficial in their rehabilitation so that they can get back on their feet sooner.  Ailments like heart attack and stroke may also occur as our bodies age and if we suffer from poor health.  Going to a physiotherapist regularly will help these patients improve their mobility. 

6.  Corrects spinal problems from improper posture

You can also get physiotherapy if you’re suffering discomfort from constant sitting and poor posture.  These may seem relatively minor now but they could lead to more serious conditions in the future.  Your physiotherapist will have practical suggestions on changes to your daily activities, plus stretching and mobility exercises.

7.  Alleviates breathing difficulties from respiratory conditions

Physiotherapy has proven effective as well in helping people who have breathing problems like asthma.  Different methods of treatment and advice on lifestyle changes will help patients cope with these conditions, improve their breathing and keep away from triggers.

Physiotherapists in Adelaide:

1. City Physiotherapy And Sports Injury Clinic

City Phsiotherapy

City Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is trusted by many for their reliable physiotherapy programmes and friendly service.  They have two locations, one in 108 King William Street and the other in 81 King William Street, conveniently found inside Goodlife gym.  Their highly effective programmes include massage, dry needling, physiotherapy for pregnancy, sports and occupation-related, and treatment that targets pain in the back, head, and ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament.  Their team is composed of seven fully trained therapists.   

2. Move Physiotherapy

Move Physiotherapy

Since 1997, Move Physiotherapy has been assisting numerous patients with their muscle, nerve and bone problems.  Situated in 5/259 Unley Road, Malvern, plenty of exercise programmes and treatment choices are being offered at this clinic.  Exercise programmes like yoga, pilates, hydrotherapy and prenatal exercise are available.  Managed by nine certified physiotherapists, their specialised treatments focus on pain in the head, back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee, as well as on conditions like arthritis and sports-related injuries.

3. Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy

Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy

Located in Suite 3-7, Charles St Plaza, Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy aims to help patients enjoy optimal health and performance.  They specialise in strains, dry Needling, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation among others.  These treatments are used to manage pain in different areas of the body, including those from vehicular accidents and chronic health conditions.  The clinic is equipped with a commercial gym and treatment rooms and it’s staffed by seven physiotherapists.  They also have pilates and other exercise programmes.   

4. Active Bodies Physiotherapy

Active Bodies Physiotherapy

Provider of physiotherapy services and workshops, Active Bodies Physiotherapy is dedicated to treating the pain and discomfort of patients and educating them on improving their health.  Aside from traditional physiotherapy, they also offer massage, acupuncture and exercise programmes.  Their clinic is in Level 1, 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide and the facility is fully equipped with multiple rooms for one-on-one consultation, a rehab studio, and even a shower.  They have five experienced physiotherapists and a massage and acupuncture expert.

5. Physio One

Physio One

One of the leading providers of physiotherapy services since 2000 is Physio One.  With several locations in Brighton, Glenelg, Hyde Park, Lockleys, Modbury, North Adelaide, Plympton Park and Woodville, they are able to cater to a greater number of patients.  The clinic offers several treatments methods using manipulation, exercise, acupuncture, pilates, and hydrotherapy.  Headed by six principal physiotherapists, the clinic evaluates the neuromuscular and orthopaedic needs of patients and conducts treatment and education accordingly.  

6. Balance Physio

Balance Physio

If you require treatment for chronic headaches, sprains, back pain and various sports injuries, Balance Physio is committed to correctly assessing and effectively treating these conditions and problems to give you long-term relief and well-being.  This family-operated clinic provides gentle but effective treatment options and exercise routines that are safe for all patients, young and old.  They also have pilates, massage and dry needling programmes.  The clinic can be found in 2/223-223b The Parade, Norwood, South Australia.

7. Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio

Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio

With as many as 13 locations all across Adelaide, this clinic has indeed become successful and grown since its humble beginnings in 1993.  Employing at least 50 trained physiotherapists, they have more than enough personnel to serve the needs of all patients and give personalised care.  Each clinic is also owned and managed by an expert physiotherapist.  The programmes in this clinic include massage, hydrotherapy, pregnancy exercises, dry needling, pilates, paediatric physiotherapy, injury recovery and pain management for chronic conditions. 

8. Unley Physiotherapy

Unley Physiotherapy

Unley Physiotherapy prides itself on the expertise and customer service of its staff and its physiotherapy services for the muscles, nerves and bones.  In particular, they have Aquatic physiotherapy, acupuncture, treatment focused on women’s health, pilates, massage, and workshops for seniors.  You can find their clinics in  3/160 Unley Road, Unley and 309 Goodwood Road, Kings Park and their team of therapists includes 14 certified physiotherapists and two massage specialists.  

9. The Physio Studio

The Physio Studio

Servicing the Adelaide community from 132 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood is the Physio Studio.  Their clinic is furnished with personal consultation and treatment rooms and modern facilities for the convenience and comfort of patients.  The clinic’s specialties are pain management for the neck, head and back, massage, pilates, dry needling, sports-specific physiotherapy, and surgical and injury rehabilitation.  With five highly competent physiotherapy practitioners and one massage therapist, they are well qualified to analyse the conditions of patients and deliver the best treatment. 


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